CATALIST Program Launches

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Cristina Allen
  • 177th Fighter Wing
The New Jersey Air National Guard Leadership Center of Excellence welcomed the first CATALIST Leadership Development Program, via video teleconference, December 5, 2020.

(Cultivating Agile and Transformational Air Guard Leaders through Inspiring and Structured Training) marks a significant step toward the NJANG commander’s goal of strengthening the development of tomorrow’s military leaders.

“It is my honor to congratulate the members of the New Jersey Air National Guard’s first ever CATALIST Class,” said Philip D. Murphy, Governor of New Jersey. “I commend each and every one of you for taking the step to improve yourselves and to better the State of New Jersey and our Nation. I hope you take full advantage of this opportunity to engage with leaders from diverse backgrounds and build relationships with classmates across the New Jersey National Guard and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.”

The 32 members of CATALIST Class 001-2021, include officer and enlisted guardsmen from the 108th Wing, the 177th Fighter Wing, and four representatives from the NJ Army National Guard and Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs.

“For our Army Guard and DMAVA representatives, I am particularly grateful that you have joined the class and anticipate that your presence will significantly enhance the experience for everyone,” said Brig. Gen. Patrick M. Kennedy, Deputy Adjutant General-NJ and commander of the NJANG. “I want you to learn practical, real-world, leadership lessons from the successes and failures of people who confronted problems, unlike you have faced in your careers. That learning will be enhanced through the engagement of classmates from diverse backgrounds.”

Over the next year the class will forge cross-organizational bonds while they engage military, business, and government leaders, and attend professional offsite leadership training.

“By encouraging participants to build relationships and putting them in the shoes of people who have worked through all sorts of organizational challenges, CATALIST should provide our commanders with professionals who are better equipped to solve tomorrow's problems and carry the entire NJANG forward,” said Lt. Col. William A. Liess, JFHQ CATALIST officer in charge.

The course is intended to prepare multidimensional, character-driven leaders who will be ready, when needed, to marshal in a new generation of mentors and supervisors.

“I challenge to you take full advantage of CATALIST, to build relations and develop problem-solving skills now so that you are ready when it is your turn to take up the mantle of responsibility,” said Gov. Murphy. “New Jersey needs agile leaders who stand ready for the next challenge. The residents of New Jersey are well served by your determination.”

Information on the application process for CATALIST Class 002-2022 will be distributed in spring 2021.