2022 New Jersey Air National Guard Outstanding Airmen of the Year Announced

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Michael Rakauckas
  • New Jersey Air National Guard

On behalf of Brig. Gen. Patrick Kennedy, Assistant Adjutant General - Air and Commander of the New Jersey Air National Guard, it is our pleasure to announce the 2022 New Jersey Air National Guard Outstanding Airmen of the Year!
These Airmen represent so many outstanding Airmen we have within our Flights, Groups and Wings. Outstanding Airman of the Year has 4 categories, First Sergeant, SNCO, NCO and Airman.

First Sergeant: Senior Master Sgt. Scott Cupples, Wing First Sergeant, 108th Wing
First Sgt. Scott Cupples is responsible for all matters related to enlisted personnel at the 108th Operations Group staff, the 141st Air Refueling Squadron, 108th Operations Support Squadron and 108th Wing Staff. His responsibilities include ensuring the enlisted force’s morale, fitness, discipline, health, and welfare. As First Sergeant, he is focally responsible for providing a mission-ready enlisted force and is the liaison between enlisted personnel and the Commander.

SNCO: Master Sgt. Justin Kaenzig, 177th Medical Group, 177th Fighter Wing
Master Sgt. Justin Kaenzig is the NCOIC of Public Health, 177th  Medical Group. He is responsible for reviewing, implementing, and executing policies and guidance according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local public health guidelines. He provides education, develops, manages, and analyzes results to complete requirements for 14 diverse Public Health programs. He also conducts community health programs to include the Hearing Conservation Program, communicable disease control and prevention, food safety and defense, facility sanitation, and contingency response.

NCO: Staff Sgt. Ivan Quiroz, 177th Civil Engineering Squadron, 177th Fighter Wing
Staff Sgt. Ivan Quiroz is an Operations Manager, Civil Engineer Squadron, 177th Fighter Wing. His duties include production control, analyzing data, identifying shortfall and trends to assist in decision making, resolving problems with contacts as they relate to relevant functions, and ordering, receiving, storing, issuing parts, tools and equipment for worldwide mobility. The Civil Engineer Squadron’s mission is to organize, train, equip, and respond to any threat home or abroad.

Airman: Senior Airman Sean Callaghan, 141th Air Refueling Squadron, 108th Wing
Senior Airman Sean Callaghan is a Boom Operator at the 141st Air Refueling Squadron, 108th Wing. He supervises passenger and cargo movement onto and off of KC-135R Stratotankers, performs pre and post flight activities, and conducts air refueling activities with a variety of U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and NATO aircraft. Additionally, he works in the 108th Operations Group’s Standards and Evaluations office as an aid to the Electronic Flight Bag program manager.