Future Programs

Strategic Directorate
The Strategic Directorate at Joint Force Headquarters-Air is tasked with developing long range strategic initiatives that support the future vision of the Commander of the New Jersey Air National Guard. Directorate personnel are tasked with developing new mission sets and initiatives that leverage innovation and forward thinking creativity.

These future mission sets and initiatives are created synergistically via collaboration with project sponsors/action officers from the 108th Wing and the 177th Fighter Wing.  The directorate’s goal is to facilitate the creative process by nurturing an idea into an actionable plan of action and then assisting with the implementation process at the state level and up through the national level.  The objective of the directorate is to develop a “cradle to grave” mission set/initiative implementation process that allows for all stake holders to be involved throughout the entire life cycle.     

As a new entity within the New Jersey Air National Guard, the Strategic Directorate is in a state of perpetual refinement.  New ways of doing business are continually considered and visionary thinking is paramount to the directorate’s success.  A shining example of what we are hoping to accomplish within the directorate is the LCOE/CATALIST program. This revolutionary initiative started as an idea by a 108th Wing member and progressed through our directorate’s process ultimately becoming a program that will have a positive impact on the New Jersey Air National Guard for years to come.  We look forward to creating more programs such as this one and will continue to work closely with our fellow Airmen at the wings to keep the New Jersey Air National Guard on the leading edge through innovative thinking and trailblazing action.